Incoming Fiber

Fiber typically comes to us unwashed. We weigh the bag(s), make sure a processing form has been completed, and log all of the information into our system. 


All fiber is washed before moving onto the next steps. Wool is washed with hot water, and alpaca is washed with lukewarm water. The tumbling process helps remove unwanted chaff, vegetation, dust, and short fibers.


Our picking process helps open up the fibers to prepare it for the carding process.


Pin Drafting


Our 35 foot long card machine helps align the fibers. 

Roving comes from the pin drafter to the spinning frame. We can spin roving into 7 different sizes of yarn.


Most of our customers want their yarn in skeins. Our skein winder can wind 4 skeins of yarn at a time. 

We have 2 pin drafters in our mill and they are both used to draft the roving out. We pin draft all roving 3 times when it is being made into yarn. 

The Process