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Here at Mystic Pines, we try to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.  Due to the area we live, we are forced to make as much use of our water supply as we possibly can through the yearly precipitation that we receive; be it the summer monsoon rains or the winter snowfalls.
For this reason, we have an 18,250 gallon rain catch capacity on all of our buildings, with the hopes of adding additional tanks in the future.  This supplies the fiber shop, our domestic water needs in the house, and waters all of the alpaca here at our ranch. The majority of our grey water is also re-used in our greenhouse for watering purposes.
In another attempt to hold down costs and use what resources are abundantly available to us, we heat our mill and the water that is used in the mill with a wood gasification boiler. Due to the fire danger, many forests are being thinned in the area to help prevent forest fires.  This harvested wood is readily available and at minimal cost.  This wood is cut, dried, and fed into the wood gasification boiler that not only heats the shop via in-floor heat, but also the domestic water source.  In the evening, once the shop has shut down for the day, the boiler continues to run and the house pumps start up to heat the radiant floor and domestic water source in the house.
Simply put, given our sustainable efforts, our focus is to provide a creative processing solution for fiber farms and artisans, and produce the finest natural fiber products available on the market!

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