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About Us

Just minutes from the Grand Canyon, Mystic Pines Alpaca Ranch, LLC and Mystic Pines Fiber Processing, LLC are located on ten acres north of Williams, Arizona.
After moving from Minnesota and living in Phoenix for a number of years, we purchased our ten acres in 2003. Over time it has become our home with views of the north rim of the Grand Canyon and the San Francisco Peaks to the east.  It is also home to our herd of thirty-five alpacas. We sit at an elevation of 6800 feet, so the alpaca enjoy generally cool summers with an average temperature in the upper 70s to mid 80s. Winter time temperatures are in the 30s and 40s with colder nights in late December through mid-January.  Our cool summer temperatures and mild winters seem to be the perfect environment for the alpaca.  All of our animals are under the constant watch by our two Maremma Sheppard dogs, Molly and Clyde.
We have added to our ranch a full-service fiber processing mill which features a mid-1900s Davis & Furber double in-line card machine.  It, along with the rest of our industrial equipment in the mill, will provide not only a rapid turnaround in your fiber processing needs, but allow for the personal care and quality control from our family owned and operated fiber processing mill.

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Mystic Pines Fiber Processing


7892 N. Trails End Dr.
Williams, AZ 86046


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